Covid-19 Update

As we focus on Building Community for the Cause of Christ and as a leadership, we have prayed and talked through our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) reality. With the current changes to the way we all live our lives, the church has had to make some adjustments, as well. So, for the time-being, our in-person gatherings are cancelled and we will be moving to an online service. 

Though we are cancelling our Sunday Service, we are not cancelling your worship with us. 


Our Sunday service will be streamed live through Facebook and YouTube. To access either of these streams, simply visit our church's Facebook page (click here) or YouTube channel (click here) during our normal service time of 10:30 a.m.


We also ask for your prayers and support of our church finances, especially during this time of worshiping from home. Because of your financial support and generosity, you are enabling us to continue to provide a solid church home, regardless of our ability to meet. To know more about how you can continue to give, please click here


If you are reading this and could use some assistance in your life, please reach out! The elders are in the process of contacting our church body, so please let them know if there's anything the church can do or be praying for. Also, you can direct message, text message, phone call, or email the office, and we’ll get the ball rolling in providing you help! Whether it’s dropping off groceries, filling up your car with gas, taking you to an appointment, or something else, we are here for you!  Let us know if you have any questions or need any help. Email us by clicking here.

Praise God that even through this, we can continue
Building Community for the Cause of Christ.